Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So today is my day off uni and I decide to, after doing a negligible amount of work, I decided to clear out junk from my room. I found my old and extremely ugly camera case and made something much prettier for my awesome camera =)

This is actually my first go at quilting/patchwork. I picked an easy design and joint the square into strips and joint the strips. Unfortunately, some of the squares are not aligned properly. Is there a better way to go about this, or is this just something I have to master? In my stupidity, I thought I left myself too much seam allowance. I ended up trimming half an inch off each side, only to find when I was sewing up the patchwork that my original calculations were right. What a bummer! I ended up sewing the sides by hand and that too forever. So after that battle with the super think sandwich, I couldn't be stuffed sewing on a button and button hole, so I just left it. I'll get around to it some day, maybe..... Anyways, I also found a lovely stack of old jeans in my wardrobe.

I decided that they are unwearable and set them aside for some project that requires denim. I decided to actually find that pattern instead of letting the jeans collect dust in my room. So I procrastinated a bit more and found this.

A tutorial to make this lovely One Tough Pouf

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